Because <br/>plain colors are better.
                                    plain colors are better.
                                    The difference between matte tiles (600600) and ordinary floor tiles is that the light on the tiles does not reflect, so it is called matte tiles.
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                                    Because <br/>plain colors are better.
                                    plain colors are better.
                                    Overland only wants to be the background of home life, and you are the protagonist.
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                                     SINCE 1999 

                                    Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd.

                                    Overland Ceramics Co., Ltd is one of tiles manufacturers locate in Foshan, South of China. Since 1999, with 17 years development, Overland striving for innovation itself and insisting "Quality First" principle, now possessed a porcelain tiles factory of the capability of annual 22 million SQM and a quartz stone factory with capability of annual 1.5 million SQM. With 40,000 square meters factory region and 1,500 professional workers, Overland have her own competitive power standing in the modern building ceramics fields stably till now.


                                    Our products have got certificates to prove themselves, such as ISO14001, ISO9001, CE, NSF and Environment management certification.

                                    We have 7 production lines, 7 automatic cutting lines, and 4 Polished lines, 15 sets of 3200T, 4000T and 8000T automatic pressing machines, 5 inkjet machines, from SITI, NASATI, CRETAPRINT,  guarantees the higher quality and productivity.

                                    We have 275 meter-length gas-fired kiln to produce double loading, roller printing and inkjet printing production lines which can produce the sizes at 300X600,600X600, 450X900, 600X900,800X800,200X1200, 600X1200,900X900,1800X900mm.


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                                    1999 Of Ceramic Factory


                                    On 2008 Start

                                    the Quartz Factory


                                    3,000,000 SF

                                    Ceramic Factory Region


                                    1,200 Employees

                                    The "Overland Grey" products developed in 2015 quickly became the best-selling products at home and abroad with its classical high-grade grey tone; in 2016, the domestic product of 900x1800 specification was first created, which broke the monopoly of inte